thoughtcrime ink is a non-profit anarchist collective that raises funds for anarchist education projects, mainly through printing, publishing, and solidarity packages. Read about ordering from us.
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thoughtcrime ink distribution is closed

Dear visitor: thoughtcrime ink is closing for the foreseeable future, mostly because of major life changes among the last collective members. We are ending our distribution, but hope to be involved in publishing new titles from time to time. It is no longer possible to order books or other merchandise from our site.

If you’re a vendor looking to order stock from us, or if you need to inquire about a recent order, please email us at [email protected].

Most of our stock will continue to be carried by AK Press, and we hope any further titles we publish will be carried by them as well.

Thanks for your business over the years, and helping fund anarchist bookfairs and projects with your purchases.

We are still involved in anarchist and syndicalist projects. If you’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but haven’t done so: we encourage you to join the IWW. We look to supporting your struggles on the shop floor and in your community in years to come.

In solidarity,
the thoughtcrime ink collective

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