thoughtcrime ink is a non-profit anarchist collective that raises funds for anarchist education projects, mainly through printing, publishing, and solidarity packages. Read about ordering from us.
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Things we like

Revolutionary ideas, subversive pleasures, and some co-conspirators of thoughtcrime ink.


Awesome organizations, projects and people.

A New World in Our Hearts
A network of revolutionary political organizations from North America.

Anarkismo is intended to further communication, discussion and debate within the global anarchist movement.

Black Cat Press
Printing co-op in Edmonton through whom much of our printing is done. We also carry some of their books.

Website of the UCL (L’Union Communist Libertaire) in Montréal, Québec.

Common Struggle
Common Struggle (formerly the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists) is an organization of revolutionaries coming from different movements of resistance who identify with the libertarian communist tradition within anarchism.

Industrial Workers of the World
Main site of the IWW
libertarian communist organizing site in the UK
Website of Ontario anarchist organization, Common Cause.

Prairie Struggle
The Prairie Struggle Organization aims to further anarchist communist ideas and put them into practice through a federation of anarchist groups that spreads across Canada.

Perspectives on workplace organizing, and the role of workplace struggle in building towards a revolutionary society.

The home of South African anarchism.


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Graphic Inspiration

Visuals and crafts that amaze us.

Agraphia Press
Clifford Harper’s site

AUB Jafet Library
Political Posters

Eric Drooker
anarchist illustrator’s website

Just Seeds
… and the incredible screen printing of.

Radical Cross Stitch
“Seriously Seditious Stitching.”

Sue Coe
Sue Coe’s work, and loads of other brilliance on

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