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The Saga of Nestor Makhno


This short little booklet (with one of the most bizarre covers we’ve ever published) serves as a quick but valuable introduction to the life of Nestor Makhno, with illustrations by Olivier le Trouher. It covers only the highlights of Makhno’s life of anarchist-communist involvement, organizing, and victories, but succinctly destroys the present-day myth of ‘Makhno the nationalist’ promulgated by the Ukrainian nationalists and fascists of today.

It covers his involvement with Moscow and Ukrainian anarchists, including his leadership in organizing the soviet (community council) near Gulyai-Polye, and victorious “disarmament of the whole bourgeoisie and the abolition of its rights to the people’s wealth,” the expropriation of kulaks’ land and livestock and redistribution to peasants, and conversion of villages to worker control and self-management. The booklet carries the reader quickly through the counter-revolution sprung upon the Ukraine by the Austro-German empire and Makhno’s role in preparing the ground for a peasant insurrection which ultimately drives out the invaders and the Ukrainian Central Rada in the “Makhnovschina” period. Finally, it covers the period of Bolshevik betrayal under Trotsky

For more about the fascinating period of Makhno’s life and influence, we highly recommend these longer works:

Publisher: thoughtcrime ink
Number of pages: 22
Format: trade paperback
Printer: Black Cat Press

SKU: TCI-078 Category:

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Dimensions 14 x 12.5 x .3 cm

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