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Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism

Luigi Fabbri


In this short volume, Fabbri dissects some products of the passion for social change as symptoms of capitalism itself that is resonant some flaws in “activism” of the 21st century: “The minds of men, especially of the young, thirsting for the mysterious and extraordinary, allow themselves to be easily dragged by the passion for the new toward that which, when coolly examined in the calm which follows initial enthusiams, is absolutely and definitively repudiated. This fever for new things, this audacious spirit, this zeal for the extraordinary has brought to the anarchist ranks the most exaggeratedly impressionable types, and, at the same time, the most empty-headed and frivolous types-persons who are not repelled by the absurd, but who, on the contrary, engage in it. They are attracted to projects and ideas precisely because they are absurd; and so anarchism comes to be known precisely for the illogical character and ridiculousness which ignorance and bourgeois calumny have attributed to anarchist doctrines.”

Publisher: See Sharp Press
Number of pages: 76
ISBN: 978-0981289717
Format: booklet
Printer: Black Cat Press

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