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What is Socialism?

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What is Socialism?

An Anarchist Perspective

by Jason Brannigan


A short pamphlet explaining the class struggle anarchist view of socialism, and where anarchism differs from socialism as marxist groupings and left parties describe it. 

"Socialism can be many, very different, things. For anarchists it must be libertarian, indeed class struggle anarchists often interchangeably describe themselves as socialists or libertarian communists. Anarchists are socialists who believe that socialism must be built out of the struggles of working class people acting in their own interests. 'Socialism' cannot be imposed from above."

"So anarchists aren't about building a political party, and if they aren't about running in elections or seizing the state by other means, what are they about? Anarchists want to improve everyday conditions, for ourselves and other working class people, while struggling toward the revolutionary transformation that can create a free and equal society: one based on mutual aid and cooperation. We believe in workers' control, in workers running their own commuities and workplaces because, basically, those are the people best placed to do it. Is that utopian and far-fetched? Perhaps, but let's consider the alternative: the continuation of the current system."


Book information

Publisher: thoughtcrime ink (Edmonton, Alberta)
Publication Date: Mar 05, 2007
Printer: Black Cat Press
Format: pamphlet
Length: 9 pp.


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