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Syndicalism: Its Theory and Practice

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Syndicalism: Its Theory and Practice

by Emma Goldman


As Emma Goldman states: syndicalism was not invented by the writings of intellectuals, it was born from the actual struggle and experience of the workers themselves. Likewise a resurrection of revolutionary syndicalism will not come about by preaching to the workers he theses and theories of the past, the new syndicalism will arise out of the need to repel the increasing attacks of neo-liberal capitalism. Tomorrow's workers movement can't simply copy the tactics of yesterday, but will have to base its strategy on new conditions. Still, the weapons we have our disposal are largely the same: Direct Action, Sabotage and the General Strike.

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Publisher: Workers Solidarity Alliance (Williamsburg, Connecticut)
Publication Date: Mar 01, 2011
Printer: Black Cat Press
Format: booklet
Size: 4” x 5.5”
Stock Number: TCI-015


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