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Back to the Roots

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Back to the Roots

Anarchists as Revolutionary Organizers

by Ian Martin


What needs to be done to create a successful, truly liberatory, revolutionary movement? What should an anarchist be doing to help in the creation and construction of such a movement? These are, or at least should be, central questions that anarchists need to be addressing. While they are by no means the only relevant issues, the fact that some anarchists spend so much time on intellectual masturbation instead of tackling these concrete problems of liberation is symptomatic of their distance from real grassroots struggle. For some, anarchism may be an intellectual game, a lifestyle, or simply something to do to pass the time. But for anyone who is truly interested in liberation, in building a free, equal and just society made up of vibrant communities, its time to get our hands dirty.

Book information

Publisher: Zabalaza Books (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Publication Date: Jul 15, 2010
Printer: Black Cat Press
Format: booklet
Length: 16 pp.
Size: 5.5" x 8"
Stock Number: TCI-022


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