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Anarcho-syndicalism in the 20th Century

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Anarcho-syndicalism in the 20th Century

by Vadim Damier


Anarcho-syndicalism, a theory and practice of working class revolution, was developed not by scholars working in libraries but by the workers themselves. The anarcho-syndicalist movement of the 20th century extended to all the industrialized countries of the world and even agricultural regions. This was not a fringe phenomenon but involved millions of workers.

Mainstream labour unions and social-democratic parties have become increasingly powerless to protect the gains of workers. In this situation, anarcho-syndicalism – the revolutionary, non-authoritarian alternative to reformism – is once again on the agenda. This critical study of anarcho-syndicalism in the last century reveals a history of struggle which has often been neglected but holds many valuable lessons for the present.

Book information

Publisher: Black Cat Press (Edmonton, Alberta)
Publication Date: May 02, 2001
Format: trade paperback
Length: 244 pp.
Stock Number: TCI-026
ISBN#: 978-0-9737827-6-9


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