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Sizing Charts

King/Princess Specifications

King/Princess shirts yet are roughly the same size as “normal” t-shirts you might be used to (like the usual band t-shirt), in a thicker, high quality 100% cotton.

American Apparel Garment Specifications

Please be advised that A.A. shirts are more form fitting, and fit at what feels like a size to a size and a half smaller than “regular” shirts.

Male cut shirt (2001)

  Sleeve Length   Chest Width   Front Body Length
S 8-1/4″ 18″ 28-3/8″
M 8-1/2″ 20″ 29-3/8″
L 8-3/4″ 22″ 30-3/8″
XL 9″ 24″ 31-3/8″

See the specs on the American Apparel site.

Female cut shirt (2102)

  Front Body Length   Chest Width
S 25-1/8″ 14-1/2″
M 26-3/8″ 16-1/2″
L 27″ 17-3/4″
XL 27-5/8″ 18-3/4″

See the specs on the American Apparel site.

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