thoughtcrime ink is a non-profit anarchist collective that raises funds for anarchist education projects, mainly through printing, publishing, and solidarity packages. Read about ordering from us.
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Ordering, Pricing, and Shipping

Free shipping for Canadians (for orders over $10)!

Our prices are in USD. Due to the fairly wide currency difference between the USA and Canada, we’re extending free shipping to Canada to give people in Canada a break, if the order if over $10. Just enter CDNSHIPPING in the Promo Code field at checkout and click the¬†Update Totals¬†button near the bottom. Then continue through checkout!


Currently, all prices are in US Dollars on our site. We’re going to be adding some kind of currency converter in the near future so it’s clearer how much your order is if you live outside of the USA.


Presently, paying for stuff on our site is done through PayPal only. You can pay through a credit card via PayPal without having a PayPal account. For a convenient alternative to ordering online, please email our service address, [email protected], if you know precisely what you want. To order, it is nice, but not necessary, to create an account. This is so we have a current / backup contact info for you etc. For information about how we do not use your account info for nefarious purposes (we’re not selling out to Google for any amount of money, even if they threaten to make their own thoughtcrime ink), please read the privacy policy. Creating an account lets you keep track of your orders on the site.

Shipping schedule

We presently are on a schedule of weekly shipping of orders, on Mondays. Very occasionally we are all insanely busy at the same time, in which case we move the ship date forward or back by a few days. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Shipping and handling charges

For people outside of Canada, we have to charge for shipping and increase our base shipping rates slightly, because of recent changes to Canada Post ground shipping rules.

We’ve also changed up the rates so that those of you who order just a couple of buttons and a pamphlet at a time aren’t charged as much for shipping.

cost of order ($USD) shipping charge ($USD)
up to $5.00 $3.00
$5.01 – 10.00 $10.00
$10.01 – 50.00 $25.00
$50.01 – 100.00 $32.00
$100.01 – 200.00 $50.00
over $200 $65.00

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