thoughtcrime ink is a non-profit anarchist collective that raises funds for anarchist education projects, mainly through printing, publishing, and solidarity packages. Read about ordering from us.
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About ThoughtCrime Ink

thoughtcrime ink is a non-profit anarchist collective. Our goal is to assist in the education and confidence building of the working class so that together we can build a world based on mutual aid and solidarity. A world where people can live free from oppression based on race, gender, orientation, or ability; free from the rule of bosses, the uniforms of the state, the vengeance of the prison cell, and the cancer of profit-based development. We believe all individuals have a place in the struggle, and that we’re most effective when we organize together.

We are volunteers. This is what we do—after we get home from our jobs in the capitalist world—juggle commitments to friends & loved ones with filling orders, working tables, and formatting books. We say this not to elicit your sympathy, but your understanding. So if you find a spelling mistake, or your order doesn’t arrive as quickly as one from a capitalist business, please remember: nobody makes any profit from the sale of items on our site. We donate more of our personal money each year into this project than we could ever hope to receive from sales.

We do not want to be heroes, or the next vanguard. We are not saints, and we do not believe we will start a revolution. History has taught us that struggles happen whether we are ready for them or not—how we act now determines if we will become participants or victims.

With love, in solidarity, for revolution,
the thoughtcrime ink collective

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