The Wage System & Law and Government :: Alexander Berkman :: thoughtcrime ink books
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The Wage System & Law and Government

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The Wage System & Law and Government

by Alexander Berkman


Alexander Berkman knew his audience. His easy-to- understand style was aimed directly at the working people who would benefit most from a world without hierarchy. In just two chapters (taken from the 1929 book, What is Communist Anarchism?) Berkman is able to fully explore the systemic problems between wage earner and boss, as well as explain the relationship between law, government, and the exploitation of the working class.

Book information

Publisher: thoughtcrime ink (Edmonton, Alberta)
Publication Date: Mar 02, 2011
Printer: Black Cat Press
Format: booklet
Length: 32 pp.
Size: 4” x 5.5”
Stock Number: TCI-016


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