Shift in Progress: A Not-So-Comic Book :: S. Louden; SJ Pike; LAA. Barlott-Cardenas; L. Butz & R. Butz; K. Johnson :: thoughtcrime ink books
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Shift in Progress

A Not-So-Comic Book

by S. Louden; SJ Pike; LAA. Barlott-Cardenas; L. Butz & R. Butz; K. Johnson


Interviews with seven young workers and the real-life experiences of the artists themselves provided the inspiration of the five stories in this graphic story anthology. In The Illusion of Time, Eva sacrifices everything to her job, friends, relationship at the expense of her health. In A Black Sheep Tale, Chan has a mohawk, an anarchist t-shirt, and an attitude. He works hard but unhappily in a garment factory and has disturbing dreams. Can he grow into his t-shirt? Rights of Passage tells the tale of April, an avid skateboarder who has to work at a bar wherer the lewd customers are never made to feel uncomfortable for their sexual assaults on the female staff. In After Breakfast and Just Before Bed, Dhan is gay, East Indian, and pathologically driven to over-perform, micromanage, and burn out. For what and whom is he driving himself? Finally, Grind tells the tale of Julie, who comes to work in the oil patch with boyfriend and baby. One accident later, she is the sole breadwinner of the family and sets off to work at the local caffeine dealer's. What next?

Introduction by Eugene Plawiuk; organizing information sections compiled by Nick Dreidger and Steve Nixon.

This book is a publication of the Edmonton Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW.) The project received funding from the Community Arts Grant Program: Cultural Collaborations - Voices Less Heard (a component of Edmonton's Cultural Capital Program).

Book information

Publisher: IWW Edmonton GMB (Edmonton, Alberta)
Publication Date: Oct 01, 2008
Printer: Black Cat Press
Format: graphic anthology
Length: 80 pp.
Size: 8.5"h x 7"w x .25"d
Stock Number: TCI-006
Edition Info: First printing.


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